Backyard Movie Nights

I remember going to the Drive-In Movie Theater as a little kid and the excitement I would get was unreal. My family and neighbors would pack into the cars and head down the street to one of the last standing drive-ins, The Westminster Hi-Way 39 Drive-In. What a time it was to be alive. To see classics and new favorites on the big, glowing screen was something magical. Unfortunately, drive-in movie theaters are few and far between, but those of us that were lucky enough to experience them have nothing but the fondest of memories.

Thanks to Hotel Irvine, I was brought back to my childhood this past weekend. Hotel Irvine, a lifestyle hotel in Orange County, is hosting a summer series: Movie Nights in the Backyard. This weekend, I ditched the couch, and chose a cozy blanket under the stars.

This past Friday, they were showing The Breakfast Club. It is one of my all time favorite movies, and my boyfriend had never seen this classic gem; it was the perfect date night.

The setup for the movie night was perfect. On the grassy area there were chairs and tables, but also plenty of room for people to bring their own chairs or blankets to square out a space for the movie. There were also games set out like Jenga, a life sized chess set, and ping pong for entertainment while you mingled and waited for the movie to start. There were twinkling bulb lights strung across the entire seating area; this made it feel like it was a bunch of friends getting together in a backyard.


There was also a full buffet of quality food provide by the resident Hotel Irvine chef. There were fresh salads, cucumber dip and pita bread for appetizers. For the main course they were offering delicious burgers and fried chicken with grilled corn, and french fries. There is also a bar where you grab a few beers, cocktails, or a glass of wine.

I, of course, went for the delicious burger, with tons of fresh veggies, corn, and french fries. It was all so delicious, I couldn’t resist myself.

They also offer a variety of movie theater classics like popcorn, ice cream and different types of candies. The popcorn is popped in an old fashioned popcorn cart, and handed out in little popcorn bags, the candies are displayed in jars and you can scoop as little or as much as you want. The ice cream is pushed around in an old school bike cart that jingles while it is going around the pavilion. All of the stations were set up with a rustic feel which was perfect for the aesthetic they were going for.


Around dusk, the movie began and everyone settled down on their blankets or chairs, popcorn and candy in hand, to enjoy the movie. It was so fun to sit under the stars and watch the movie with others around laughing and cheering through the movie.

Hotel Irvine’s Movie Nights in the Backyard is the perfect place for a family get-together, a romantic date night, or just a fun meet up spot for friends. Admission is $5 per person (children under five are free!), so its an easy and affordable way to spend a summer night with family, friends and loved ones.

Hotel Irvine is showing their last backyard movie this Friday, August 26th. They are showing Pitch Perfect, so get up, sing and dance along and enjoy yourself!

Disclaimer: This is not an AD. This was not paid for or comped by Hotel Irvine. This was a fun date night my boyfriend surprised me with. If you would like any more information on Hotel Irvine and/or the Movie Nights in the Backyard, please direct yourself to the following link:


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