I love these sorts of chats. They are my favorite type of article because it is basically a stream of consciousness and mesh of my thoughts appropriately put together so I can post it and say it is adequate.

I thought a fun topic that I could sort of chat about, if you will, is creativity. I know it seems broad and it can go anywhere but isn’t that the fun of it all? It is super relevant to me as a person since I would like to slap on the title of ‘creative’ or ‘artist’ in association with me being a writer and poet.

Creativity can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To me, creativity is not just creating ‘something’ for show. For me, it is something that is so much larger. I find creativity to be a part of my human nature, my ability to look at the world in one way, and spit it back out in a different way or in ‘my own personal way.’ As artists, we have to be able to transcend the, ugh I hate this word, normal. Seems cliché, right? Ah, the life of an artist.

Some people use specific medians (poetry, painting, music, etc.) to express their thoughts, creativity, and to share it with whomever they choose, or don’t chose. There are so many outlets that you can funnel your creativity through. And guess what… it doesn’t have to be just one!

I love writing. I love the feel of it. I love writing so much I got a tattoo of a typewriter on my thigh, and I have a Salinger quote on my arm. I chose to express my creativity in an outwardly way by tattooing it on my body, and I am obsessed with it (tattoo chat coming soon!). I also love photography. I think it is so beautiful and captures a split-second moment, but has sooooo many memories and details attached to it. I find that amazing.

Am I a professional at one, both or any of my creative outlets I like to dabble in? HELL NO. The beauty of being a creative is the endless learning process. That revolving door shouldn’t scare you. It should excite you because each and every word, photo, music note, stroke of a brush and strike of a key that is done is something that you get to expand on, grown on, and push yourself to new limits. Let that revolving door go around, trust me.

I consider myself a writer. Like I said, I love writing. I love the act, I love the set up, I love the sound, feel, thoughts and everything in between that happens when I am writing. I like a lot of different types of writing as well. I love poetry (like, duh) and it is something I am currently working towards. But that doesn’t mean that I am restricting myself to just poetry, because I am not. Screenwriting, non-fiction, fiction, Y.A., book reviews, song writing, I want to try it. That’s the beauty of being a creative. Once you accept it, embrace it.

Being a poet, you definitely have to have some sort of creative process; whatever it may be. Now this definitely is not a scheduled, timed, or predictable thing – I have spent many hours being frustrated at times when I felt like I had nothing and I was trying to will myself into being able to write something decent.

So many times, I have sat down to write or brain storm or idea/word vomit and absolutely nothing comes out. When hitting deadlines for things, this can be extremely frustrating. Sometimes you get this like sudden burst of an AH-HA moment in the most inconvenient time. I normally scribble it down on sticky notes, record it in my phone or save it in my notes app on my phone. I try to also keep a small notebook on me for those moments too.

Being a creative type isn’t like you are made for a specific mold. Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, at various times in your life, and in a beautiful array of colors.

I would love to hear your thoughts about creativity, writing, or anything really.
See you in the comments <3


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