For Patti

I have struggled with the perfect words to say for this; I realized that there are no perfect words, only feelings, beautiful memories and pure love and joy to share with all of you.

This is for Patti.

May you forever rest in peace.


Patti lit up the room. Whatever room it was, it did not matter; it was brighter, it was happier, it was just… Patti. Any one that was able and blessed to know Patti like I was, knows and understands exactly what I am talking about. Patti changed peoples lives in the most remarkable way; solely just by being present in their lives. Her piercing blue eyes, her forever plastered on smile, and contagious laugh instantly filled any room with a presence so powerful it can only be summed up into one thing: Patti. Her beautiful soul just sort of melted any bad thing away.

I want to share a very shortened story of what my dad felt the day Patti passed. He explained to a very crumpled and defeated me that Patti is at peace and freed and is so beyond words happy. She is no longer suffering through the immense amount of pain, that cancer had caused her. She is her happy smiling self we all know her to be. He shared with me the exact last moments that they were able to share together, and it is so beautiful, you guys, that I have to share the story. I will never do it justice, so the service, speeches, and memorial photos will be linked below.

Patti wrote in a journal during her final times here with us. She wrote that if she changed one person’s life, and brought them closer to God, that she lived and fulfilled her life’s duty. I know she accomplished that because it is happening to me. I want to share a moment that I had with Patti about 2 years ago. She invited me to go to church, as she always would every Sunday morning, and this time I went. I went to The Garden, in Long Beach, and that day I felt something that I have never felt in my life. I felt Darren, the pastor, speaking directly to me, letting me know it was okay to be unsure, it was okay to be scared and it was just okay to be all of the things that I was feeling. I 100% completely broke down into an emotional ball on the floor. I felt a wave of 8,000 different emotions rush directly over me. Patti was there holding my hand, praying for me and I felt it. I was unsure what I was feeling but I felt it. It was so real and and raw that me trying to explain the feeling I was feeling will be impossible. But, Patti was there and I feel so blessed that I was able to experience that moment with Patti. That was one, of the many, times where Patti was just there, present in the moment. It was something really special and I will forever hold it close to my heart.

At first, it was hard to accept. It was hard to accept that the light that is Patti is no longer standing next to us, near us, holding us. How wrong I was. She has been more present in my daily living and life since she has passed, and I take comfort knowing that she is another guardian angel watching over me. Some days are harder than others; we all see her everywhere. Even if we are driving past her favorite restaurant, or see her favorite places to be. She is here, and she is present.

You see, Patti’s story has not ended. It has just begun. Patti’s life has been memorialized by so many beautiful souls that will continue to share her selfless and beautiful way of living. We all strive to live authentic lives, but Patti didn’t strive, she did.




I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. You brought me in like a child of your own; our separated families were whole again, and all of the laughs and goofy mustache pictures we took during the holidays will forever be tucked away in my heart pocket. 


There are hundreds of things I wish I could of asked you, or told you. Which makes me silly because I still can. I want you to know that I feel you with me, always watching over me, our  family, and everyone that you held dear to your heart. 


You watched me grow up, graduate and blossom into a the woman that I am today. And you are definitely part of that blossoming. I am so grateful that you are part of that strong group of women that have helped me grow into what I am today.


I will see you again one day. I promise you that.


I love you. 

– Rachel Skye

The link for the memorial video is here. It was one of the most enchanting and beautiful memories to watch over again. You can just feel the overflow of love that was there. Patti was the one that brought us all together.

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