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So, this is going to be a hybrid of Rach Chats and a small beauty review (or beauty obsession, take your pick). I sort of like these more realistic beauty talks and I hope you do too! I’m not here to shove products in your face; I’m here to share some of my faves and hope they become your faves too! So grab your coffee, wine, lemon infused water, tea, what-have-you and enjoy!

I have been majorly obsessing over some items that really make me feel beautiful and good about my hair and I feel like this is a topic I never really talk about. I really love hair care (masks, shampoos, texture sprays – ALL OF IT). I am also overly guilty as hell of neglecting my hair. Once I started taking care of it, and started appreciating it a lot more, it thanked me.

So small background so you know my hair type. #PROCESSED AND #DYED. I also have a wave to my hair, and it ends up being tangled about 99.9% of my life. So when I say I have found an affordable hair care line that is high quality, like please listen up ladies and gents because I am about to spill my darkest secret and how I keep my super over-processed hair, healthy.

Krisitn Ess is a celebrity stylist that is an absolute angel, magical unicorn, gem. I found her after Lucy Hale (yesssss, that Lucy) and Lauren Conrad (yesssss that Lauren) obsessed over her on Instagram. I’ve since been obsessed with her hair tutorials, cuts and her fierce fiery hair. She has a full line of hair care. Restorative hair masks, shampoos and conditions that dreams are made of, working texture sprays, serums, leave in conditioners, the list goes on. All of it, hands down, is AMAZING.


Check her insta (@kristin_ess) and get serious #hair goals. (I’ve been going wild for her slo-mo hair bounce vids).


When she announced the launch of her hair care line, I freaked. And when it was reveled that it was all going to be sold at Target, like hello, yes giiiiirl, my little millennial beauty product lovin/Target once a week schedulin’ heart burst. I haven’t tried everything in her line, but the products I have tried are great. I have since refilled them all at least twice.


The One Signature Shampoo and Conditioner


The only shampoo and conditioner you will *ever* need. It is great for all hair types. We have all used shampoos or conditioners that have left our hair feeling dry and brittle, or overly oily. So rest assure, this is the set of your dreams. It leaves your hair feeling so clean, without the dryness other shampoos and conditioners leave you with. The products work seamlessly together leaving your hair fresh and moisturized, shiny and smooth. It feels soooo good, so might as well take the extra second and give your self a scalp massage. Treat yo self.


And can we talk about the packaging? Like how adorable, and modern are you?!


The Leave-In Conditioner


I feel like trying to find a good leave-in conditioner is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It seems impossible. These leave-ins always leave my hair either a) overly oily and slick, or b) brittle and crunchy. I have strayed away from leave in conditioners for that reason. But this Leave-In Conditioner seems to do it for me. It is in spray form so it covers a lot of your hair in one spritz; it stops you from over using the product. Instead, you have a really perfect weightlessness to your hair so you don’t feel so bogged down. It detangles, softens and seals in moisture in all the right spots.


Listen to the girl who refused (sometimes still does) to brush her hair because of all of the tangles, this stuff works magic.


The Working Texture Spray


So, I mentioned my waves. Yes, they are super temperamental. I have a lot of hair on my head and it is pretty thick, and styling it takes extra effort I just don’t have, so naturally I don’t do much to it most of the time. This Working Texture Spray has saved me many mornings. It’s a dry texturizing spray that leaves a matte finish so you don’t have to feel conscious about it being all slick, looking like it is day seven hair. It also has a super light hold, so my ladies with the soft, big waves, you are going to sing to the high heavens when you use this. It is such an amazing product for that natural, easy, ‘no-mess messy’ hair. #messycasual


These three (I guess technically four) products are truly amazing. If you are looking to vamp up your hair care game and not wanting to spend them hard earned dollas, check out the Kristin Ess line next time you’re at Target.


Let me know if you try this stuff out and what your favorite is in the comments below!



This is not an ad or an affiliated article, genuinely love the products.



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