Let’s Talk: Mind, Body, and Soul in 2017

I always find it fun and interesting to read or talk about resolutions. Like, why is it a thing that at the beginning of each year we all decide to pick a list of things we need to work harder on? I don’t know, but I love it.
My resolution lists are always so embarrassingly long. I nit pick away at what went well and what did not, to try to recalibrate my new year. So my very first resolution was to sit back and reflect on a few things that I really wanted to focus on this year.
All of the boring “I am going to go to the gym more,’ or ‘I am going to drink more water and eat better’ resolutions, oh trust me they are here, but those are long term life goals that I want to adopt in as a life style… and they are also super cliche, but they still are important! Plus, they fall under the umbrella of my resolutions below. So fold those up and put them in your pocket. I want to focus on self detailed resolutions this year.

I will: make the conscious decision to try harder.
This includes SO many things. I want to be able to sit there and know that I looked at the situation and tried my hardest or put more effort into something. I want to dress nicer (I <3 yoga pants and uggs!!) and make the conscious decision to clean out my wardrobe and create the capsule wardrobe of my dreams. I want to make more of an effort to be readily and emotionally available for everyone. I want to try harder to not leave things to the last minute and give excuses as to why I did. I want to make more of an effort to not be so quick to make a judgment call on tasks, plans and people. When I make plans, I don’t want to look at my bed and decide I want to sleep and give them a half assed excuse of why I couldn’t come. I want to make sure I am making an effort for myself and my personal happiness.
I will: separate work from life.
Oi-vey. So hard. When you feel like every aspect of your life is work, it can be super hard to separate ‘work’ time with ‘me’ time. Going to school, working a full time corporate office job, running a blog, website and book club, all while trying to see friends, family and make time for my self. Good luck, Rach. In 2017, it is my main focus to know when to turn off, unplug and enjoy quality time with the beautiful humans I have surrounded myself with. 2017 is the year where my bed and desk are used for the right things.
I will: make the time to plan things out
I truly want to travel the world. Traveling is so refreshing and enlightening. This involves planning, and planning and more planning. Of course, last minute trips to the mountains and deserts and woods are always a thing that will happen (and they are always so fun!). But I want to travel abroad, and that requires details and plans. My boyfriend and I sat down and gave ourself relationship ‘goals’ and what we want to accomplish this year, and one is to travel to three new places every year. It could be to a city an hour away, or all the way to around the world. We decided on two United States trips, and one abroad trip. I also want this to be a general focus. I want to plan more time for myself. This can be anything from getting my hair done, to an hour alone meditating; as long as it is planned for me and I can switch off from everything else, that is all that matters.
I will: work on being less stressed and focus on realizing when it is going too far. 
Make the conscious decision to not be stressed. Stop what I am doing, take a walk, focus on my breathing, smile and get back to what I was doing with a refreshed and new attitude. Drink less coffee, and drink more tea and water. Make smarter decisions so my judgment is not clouded by confusing thoughts that creep in. Do more yoga and stretches, and most importantly take time for meditation to clear my mind. With a clearer mind, I will be able to focus more on one thing at a time, rather than being overwhelmed and frustrated.
I think making resolutions are great and exciting and they always spark a new sense of motivation in me. I always think lists and goals are great too. I wanted to share a few goals of mine that fall under the umbrellaed resolutions above.
  • Actively write more: for the blog, more poetry, write my book, etc.
  • Drink more water
  • Learn how to cook ( I know how to cook but I mean like be Gordon…)
  • Get stronger: mentally and physically
  • Read 40 books, and read more historical fiction, non-fiction, etc.
  • Revamp the social media sites and master Lightroom & MailChimp
  • Smile more, frown less
  • Volunteer more, donate more
  • Spend time outdoors, and unplugged from everything
If we have any resolutions and/or goals in common, let me know. i would love to hear from you!

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