Life Update: Where I Am At Now (& Yes I’m Back)

One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple 

Jack Kerouac

 About three months ago, I posted about a new series I wanted to focus on called the self-care mini series. I was really into it at first. I had tons of ideas swirling through my head and I was genuinely (or so I thought) excited about it. I did two posts, and I disappeared. I didn’t just disappear from here. I disappeared from a lot of social outlets, including my personal ones. I wasn’t as active or sharing as much because for me I was going through a bit of a blob of a few months. I was in this haze of a routine with eight hundred other things trying to pull me each way, and to be honest, I became a bit numb to it all. And that is not where I thrive.

I had some big things happen the last few months. Some of those were great, and exciting and new, and others were stressful, and hard to deal with. Looking back on it now, I was not in a good mental head space. It took me breaking down to realize that sometimes good things can be toxic, and sometimes we need to make the harder decisions for our mental health.

I really needed the time to focus on what and who I was. Not just for this blog, but for me.


I don’t push content on here. I am not a brand and I don’t want to be a brand. I want to be genuinely me, and I didn’t feel that way. I want my content and what I put out in the world to be genuine, authentic and ultimately me. I thought that self-help series was going to help set me on the right track, get my mind focused and realigned, but it didn’t. 

I juggle a lot of things, as we all do, in life. But when one thing falls, my entire foundation falls and I had to stop letting that happen. I needed time to refocus and mend myself. 

Now, with that, there were also a lot of really amazing things that have happened in these last three months that I am excited to talk about, to share with you all, and just get back in that mode. I have some catching up to do, and I have so many good things lined up. I have some exciting wedding things to share, some lifestyle things I am into, more self-care because I think we all need to practice that more, tons of book recs and podcast recs, and of course some more personal posts. 

It all feels very right, and with that I will say: I am happy. I am healthy. And I am back. 

I hope you will stay awhile.


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