Low Key: I’m Diggin’ this Place

Put poke and burrito in a sentence and you have my attention. Add Cheetos to the mix and you *really* have my attention.

The Low-key Poke Joint is located in Garden Grove in the Mall of Fortune Plaza off of Brookhurst and Westminster. Like any other Hawaiian joint, Low-key Poke is dishing out some awesome poke bowls. But, I didn’t come for that. I came for the Cheetos covered poke burrito, and I am high-key obsessed. You get all of the same fixin’s as a poke bowl, only its wrapped in a beautiful, mouthwatering burrito. You pick your base and wrap, your proteins, your stuffing’s, sauces and ‘top offs.’ The top off is basically Cheetos or Hot Cheetos dust.



The place itself is really cute. I like their aesthetic. It is like a gothic/rustic vibe ( I know, sounds weird – but totally worked), with a mod twist. It is a pretty cozy place. They have a walk up bar where you order your food and a few tables and a high top bar.


They have a few wall decals that are super cute and clever because, well, that’s just how they roll. No seriously guys the have puns all over the place via decals. I mean come ON. How can you not LOVE this place.



I ended up going with jasmine rice, seaweed wrapped with salmon and spicy tuna, added in avocado, crab, green onions, and cucumbers, sauced it with the Sirachacha and the Shoyu the Way sauces, and dusted it with the regular Cheetos. My boyfriend got something similar but with the Hot Cheetos dust.



The burrito is massive and super filling. I actually preferred the regular Cheetos rather than the Hot Cheetos. The Hot Cheetos seemed to lose the flavor and their hotness factor mixed with the rice and sauce. But, the regular Cheetos seemed to uphold their cheesy taste and it mixed in surprisingly well.

They also have this Bootea rice which is rice infused with green tea and bamboo. It is supposed to be filled with antioxidants and protein and fiber. I didn’t try it, but I will definitely be back to test that out. It seemed pretty popular since every other customer ordered it as his or her base.


All in all, this place was super cute. The food was fresh and tasty, and I low-key like The Low-key Poke Joint. Thanks for fueling my fire and strange obsession for burritos, poke and Cheetos!


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