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I feel like people always forget that magazines are not just all about celeb gossip and who wore it best. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some trash gossip every now and again. But what I like and what I wanted to do is celebrate the fact that culture, and art, and writing, and fashion can extend outside the celeb gossip magazines and into amazing magazines that are true pieces of art.

I wanted to share six magazines that I really like, especially the current issue. I tried to include a few scholarly lit journals in there too because, well… I love that sort of stuff and the writing is truly top notch.

I am going to open this up with two magazines that are literary magazines (or journals) that I have really been loving.


The Paris Review

The Paris Review is a quarterly literary journal. I like this journal because they don’t just release work from well-known writers, they do also accept emerging writers which is really exciting. But, that means that they seek out the best of the best. The Paris Review publishes poetry, fiction, interviews, art and photography, letters and essays. It is an extremely well rounded journal and they accept things from all sorts of disciplines.

The journal is a print journal, but also has an online component, which makes it pretty accessible. However, I am prone to pick up the print issue. There is just something about holding the actual thing; it is much more satisfying.

As a quarterly journal, they released their Fall 2017 issue and if you’re interested you can grab it here or on most newsstands and book stores.


The Iowa Review

The Iowa Review is published by the University of Iowa and is a well-known American Literary journal.  Like The Paris Review, they have published many famous writers, and celebrate emerging writers as well. This is an important point that I like to make about literary journals, especially if you are looking into submitting your work.

They are also an exclusive print mag, but they have some online articles for book reviews, interviews and some creative pieces are linked online as well.

Their issues include fiction, poetry, essays, reviews and art; another really well-rounded magazine that has a little bit of everything. The current issue for fall can be found here.


Now, I want to step away from the literary specific and enter into the art, the conversations, the complexities. Magazines can be about anything, but the ones that always seem to catch my eye are ones that celebrate people for who they are.



Anxy is an amazing, and beautiful magazine that I recently stumbled on and I am so happy I did. Anxy opens up discussions on anxiety, depression and mental health. This is something that I have always struggled with and I think it is very important that as a media outlet, they are using this sort of platform to talk and celebrate it. I wanted to pull their mission statement because it is so perfectly summed up the magazine:


This is a magazine for culture makers and the people inspired by them who are tired of feeling ashamed of their emotions and mental health.

Anxy is for people who crave open discussions about coping with anxiety, depression, fear, anger, trauma, shame, and all those other wildcards that alter the direction of our work and our lives.


With its first issue titled ‘Anger’ it brings many conversations through written words, interviews, beautifully compelling photography and art. There are some really amazing pieces in the magazine and it is just such a beautifully put together piece of art, cover to cover.

As a new magazine, I truly hope more people pick it up and read the emotion that literally drips off the page. As a writer, it is so lovely to see a magazine like this that is aesthetically beautiful, but also emotionally thought provoking.

You can check out Anxy here.



Another really beautiful magazine is Alvar. If you want to, you can place it in the style and culture category, but by no means does it stick into just one. With beautiful photography throughout, and mesmerizing words, you are definitely going to be sucked in.

I love magazines like Alvar because they are more coffee table magazines in the best possible term. I say this because you can pick up the magazine and read a few articles and set it back down and enjoy your cup of coffee. It is a work of art on its own and is perfect as a coffee table magazine in that way. The articles are beautifully written and they explore such a wide range of topics that you are bound to find something interesting.

They have a print copy, as well as an online section that shares stories, photography and all that lovely jazz. You can find them here.


Darling Magazine

One of my absolute favorites is Darling Magazine. It is a quarterly print mag that has a NO RETOUCH POLICY. Want me to repeat that?

NO. RETOUCH. POLICY. This is SO important for women. Women should be celebrated for what and who they ARE, and this magazine does just that. The magazine and brand is here to empower women and lift them up. Their slogan is ‘the art of being a woman’ and just how perfect is that.

Darling is such a beautifully designed magazine that has so many wonderful things happening on every single page. No touchups are done, and the words are just as real and raw and powerful. It encompasses real life women, fashion, culture, style, beauty, every day conversations and so much more. It is such a beautiful magazine.

Check out their issues and you can toggle their blog.


The Gentlewoman

Another magazine that is all women power is The Gentlewoman. It is a UK based magazine (you can get it on Express Mag) and headlines strong, powerful women and expresses personal style, fashion, ambition and everything in between.

I really like this magazine because it is for the modern day woman. It showcases women from all walks of life and celebrates what makes them unique and special, but more importantly what makes them, them.

It is a wonderful magazine. You can purchase it from the above link at Express Mag if you are looking to ship outside of the UK, otherwise check your local bookstores and magazine shops.





I hope you enjoyed these six wonderful magazines and journals, and hope you end up looking into them, or even better, picking them up off the shelf. I promise, you will not be disappointed!

If you have any favorite journals and magazines, pop ‘em below in the comments. I’d love to go through them!


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