My Fives for a Productive Morning

productive morning routine

I have said this before and I will say it again… Mornings are SO important. It is the base for your entire day. If you start it off right, you set yourself up to move through those motions of having a ‘good’ day. If it starts all wrong or you’re feeling overwhelmed right when you wake up, it is bound to follow you the rest of the day.

I have not always succeeded in being a ‘morning person.’ In fact most days it can be a struggle to have that morning mentality to get my day going. Now that I am starting my Masters program AND working full-time, it is more important than ever to have a routine and stick to it.

I find the best routines are ones that do not dictate five hours of your morning or day, but rather are simple small steps that set you up for the rest of your day.

One of my first posts I wrote for my blog was my Morning Girlboss Routine. I insisted on making sure that the night before is ALSO part of your routine, especially if you find yourself stressed for the day before. Now that my time is spread so thin, I need to make sure my mind, body and soul are perfectly in line so I have a productive night before and morning of.

Here are the five things that I have done to create a productive morning routine that works for me!



1. Set yourself up for the next morning


morning routine


The night before, what I try to do is to fill out my day book before. I fill in all my to-dos for the next day and prioritize them. I really like assigning three main goals for each day. It can be anything from going to the grocery store, to attending a seminar. In the morning, make sure you check over your schedule and your noted tasks or goals for that day. That will remind you to stay on track and get the most important things you need to get done, done.

I also love setting out my clothes the night before. It takes a lot of stress off of you in the morning so you aren’t sitting these wasting time trying to figure out what to wear. If you don’t physically set it out, mentally set it out so you know just what to grab in the A.M.


2. Get sleep, and stay hydrated and fueled


morning routine breakfast eggs avocado toast


Getting a good nights sleep is so important for setting yourself up for a successful and productive day. Your body literally NEEDS to shut down. If you are not getting enough sleep, it is functioning on half of a battery. Turn off the tv, the iPad, and put your phone on do not disturb.

You also need to make sure you are rehydrating yourself all day, as well as before bed and when you wake up. While you are sleeping you become dehydrated so that first glass of water in the morning is going wake up your system and your body will thank you. You also need to be fueling your body with the food that you need. Eat a good breakfast, don’t drink caffeinated things late in the day, eat more greens, etc. Listen to your body and it will tell you. You know the drill.


3. The Snooze Button doesn’t exist




It is so so so easy to snooze that annoying alarm in the morning. And of course when you do snooze it, you’ve wasted three hours by accidentally snoozing it. Since time is so valuable, I have really tried pushing myself to make sure I get up when my alarm goes off. It is so easy to doze off for a few more minutes and then accidentally sleeping in for another hour because your snooze button was hit.

What helps me wake up is having a bottle or glass of water next to my bed so I can reach for that right away. Helps replenish your body, and wakes you up feeling hydrated. Add some lemon or other fruits too!


4. Stay away from Social Media


morning routine alarm productive wake up social media


This was a bad habit for me to break. Staying away from social media was so important to starting my day off right. It is so easy to accidentally start scrolling through Instagram or going through all of your Instastories. DONT! You will totally get sucked into an abyss of nothingness that is so not worth your morning time.

Put the social media apps aside, they will be there later. Instead I swapped over for meditation/gratitude and/or a brain game app that really helps reboot myself in the morning. I use the Breathe, and the Calm app for some meditation and gratitude time, and I use Elevate to jump-start my brain. These three apps all help with something specific so listen to your mind and body and see what it needs in the morning. It seriously has helped so much!


5. Exercising to get your blood pumpin’


morning routine productive workout exercise


If your schedule allows it, I think exercising or even stretching in the morning is so great. It really puts you in the right mind-set for the day. Lets you sort of jumpstart your body in a positive direction. I know sometimes it may be hard to get to a gym or go for a run outside, so utilize what you have in your room! Take five minutes to do some light stretches, or search youtube for a small workout video.

Of course, we are so technology driven, so don’t forget to check out apps like the 7 Minute Workout, or Yoga Studio. Any little bit of movement will help.



Mornings are hard, but I am pretty confident in these five things setting me up to literally SLAY my day.


Lemme know what morning routine you follow and what works for you in the comments below.


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