On the Go Beauty Essentials

We all have those products that we just go gaga over when they work magical wonders. I would definitely call most of these my ‘holy grail’ products since they are the ones I have restocked multiple times, and always have on my person.

Of course I love testing out new products and finding amazing new ones at that, but it’s just like your core group of friends; they always there for you, girl.



Face Mists, Because Who Doesn’t Love Them!

Face mist is an easy way for your skin to stay hydrated without slathering on a lotion or oil. My always go-to is Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. It is super light, and beautifully refreshing. Some sprays can be extremely annoying like you set it on jet stream mode and it literally squirts at your face. This one is such a list mist that it fully covers your face in a small spritz. Its really nice to have on your person while being out and about. PS. They have a small version that is perfect for your bag so you aren’t lugging around a giant spray bottle!

  • Honorable mention: Evian Mineral Water Spray. Super light, refreshing, perfect for freshening up. Loved taking it to Disneyland or on hikes when I knew it was going to be a little on the hotter side. You can find it here, at Sephora.


Lip Products, We All Know You Have More Than Three in Your Bag

For lip products, I have a few to mention since I am a lip product hoarder (WHO ISN’T). First is Bite’s Agave lip balm. So thick, so hydrating, so lovely. I am fully obsessed with it. My lips have never been so hydrated. It is also really nice because it is great for any time (going out, going to bed, at work, in the sun – all of the above!) I also really enjoy the small and simplistic packaging with the easy access twist up.

Next I LOVE Rosebud Perfume Co.’s Rosebud Salve in a tin – this is for sure an OG products, too. It is the cutest little tin that packages the most perfect, silky smooth lip balm EVER. I have the strawberry one as well, but nothing beats the original rose salve. It is super hydrating and has the perfect amount of that glossy shine with out the sticky nasty mess.

Last, for a little something extra I have been pretty much hoarding Fresh’s Sugar Rosé tinted lip treatment. It has sunscreen in it, which hello yes you need that. It also has the slightest bit of tint to play up your lips in the most natural way. Oh yeah, and hydration is a plus! it is a perfect go to when you’re feelin’, well, a little extra.


Dry Shampooin’ Up Those Roots

I am not the biggest advocate for dry shampoo, but now that I have bangs again, it can seriously be my best friend. My always go to girl is the Psssst Dry Shampoo travel size! I love that it is travel size, I love that it doesn’t leave nasty residue on my scalp and I love that it is just a simple product. I have a hard time using dry shampoo because my scalp  + hair oils don’t mix super well with the product, but a little spray on the bangs and they look like new. I like that they have the travel size too since I really only use this on the go to fix up them bangin’ bangs. If you are feeling the cute little travel size, grab it at Ulta Beauty.


Face Oils Are a Girls Best Friend

I have been pretty obsessed (and I mean like high-key) with Milk’s Hydrating Face Oil stick. It comes in a super easy to use packaging (you twist it up) which makes on the go application easy peasy. Rather than having to lather your face with a liquid oil, you have it in a stick form and it is just soooo smoothing going on. I also really like it because it is not like you feel drenched with oil; it is pretty lightweight but still leaves your skin feeling hydrated. It is also one of those products that you can use at night before bed, when you wake up, under and over makeup; it is just a great all-around face oil. If you are ready to obsess over this brand and this specific oil, head over to Milk’s website (or Sephora) and check it out.


The Bags Under My Eyes Are Chanel

If there was a miracle working product, it would be this. Simple has this cucumber cooling eye roller ball that is like a complete luxury for tired eyes. It de-puffs the under eye area with the cooling roller ball and cucumber extract, while moisturizing and soothing it. I really like this because it is a gel, not a cream that you need to work in under your eyes. Simple is great because it’s products have some of the best ingredients so this roller ball is seriously my savior. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else besides the possibility of Wal-Mart. However, Clinique and First Aid Beauty seem to have something pretty similar with the roller ball action. I will have to try those out.

  • Honorable mention: Origins Ginzing eye cream. (Pro tip: the entire Orgins Ginzing line is AHH-MAZING)


Stay SO Fresh

I find roller ball perfumes super convenient and great for on the go. Currently I am loving the Escada Agua Del Sol and I have a small size of my all time favorite Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh. It is nice to have, and be able to whip out and freshen up when needed. I also like grabbing one that I may want to experiment with since you don’t have to commit to an entire bottle of the fragrance and the roller balls are fairly cost friendly.

  • Honorable mention scents: Marc’s Daisy Dream is literally… a dream.


Hopefully some of these products will help freshen up your bag and jump on to your on the go essentials list. If you have any holy grail products leave them below in the comments so I can try them out too!


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