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It is still super weird to say ‘I am engaged” out loud. I cannot get used to it, in the best way possible. I am beyond and OVER the moon excited about my new journey with my boyfriend fiancé <3 (also cannot get over saying that). We are seriously two peas, and the two of us couldn’t be more elated.

With this new journey and new chapter of our life, I am excited to say that I am officially kicking off a new series called, The Bridal Edit. I am going to share all of my wedding excitement and emotions under this page and series. Documenting special moments has always been important to me (hence the site!) and I thought sharing some of my stories here would be fun! Some posts are going to be more wedding related stories, some posts will be more daily blogish types and some may be sort of an emotional tidal wave. I am most likely going to ramble a lot in this series because it is going to me thoughts and experience and emotions all going in to this. Planning a wedding seems scary on its own so throw in two jobs, a dual masters degree program, a book club and a semi-normal social life (???? like how). BUT… I am very excited about all of it and I am excited to share it here!

I want to start the series with the most precious moment of my life, the night (or morning) he proposed to me like a real life *princess*.


Our two year anniversary (our how we met story is to come) was on October 12th. We decided that Disneyland would be a fun little escape for our anniversary. We made reservations for Carthay Circle in California Adventures on Wednesday evening since Thursday was all booked. We wanted to do a nice dinner to celebrate, but we also wanted to do something fun so Disney was the perfect fit. We both have annual passes so it worked perfectly.



We enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner. Risotto and prime rib, jalapeño biscuits, apple martinis and chocolate mousse… yes please. It was also both of our first times there, so it was nice to experience a new Disney adventure together. The pictures do not do it justice, tbh. You seriously need to go there and just TASTE THE FRESHNESS.



After dinner, we decided to head over to Disney. Disneyland and California Adventures are all decked out in Halloween themed things so it is the cutest, spookiest date, and pretty much perfect.



We walked around a bit and decided to head to Space Mountain, and then It’s A Small World (if you know me this is actually one of my more favorite rides).



By this time it was pretty late, almost midnight, so we decided to slowly make our way back towards Main Street. We stopped at the castle because… how can you not? It is all lit up and beautiful. Tons of people were still getting their photos taken. I showed him the side area of the castle where the Snow White wishing well and waterfall is; we smiled and laughed and continued to enjoy or last moments in the park.

He said he wanted to wait until midnight so we can officially have our first minute of our second year anniversary in the park. We waited the last few minutes walking around the castle. When it hit midnight, the Disney announcement came on letting us all know that Disney was closing. We said our happy anniversaries to each other and smiled. It was seriously a perfect moment.

Suddenly, Mauricio told me he had something for me for our anniversary. He told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands, so I did. A few seconds went by and nothing was placed in my hand but he asked me to open my eyes.

When I did, he was on one knee holding a box with the worlds most beautiful emerald and gold ring. He asked me to marry him. Me being an emotional wreck of a person cried in 0.0001 seconds and instantly choked out ‘yes, of course.’ He put the ring of my dreams on my finger and we both just looked at each other, smiling, so excited about everything we had in that moment. I wanted to badly to bottle those seconds up because it was such a DREAM.


I could NOT believe what was happening. I was standing next to the Disney castle, with the man I love on one knee asking me to marry him at midnight. Fairy God Mother would be PROUD.


Needless to say, my fairytale was just starting.


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