Selected Sixes: Current Podcasts

Podcasts are all the rage. There are endless lists of podcasts that talk about any topic you can dream of. It is safe to safe that I am a Podcast junkie. I listen to them when I workout, when I am working, driving, walking… basically, whenever I have time.

Without any further delay, below are my current top favorite podcasts!


Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso 

This is, hands down, my favorite podcast to listen to.

If you are unaware of who Sophia Amoruso, she is the founder and creator of NastyGal, and author of #GIRLBOSS (which I highly recommend picking up, like now) as well as Nasty Galaxy which was just released.

In this podcast, Sophia and fellow girl bosses talk about their accomplishments, hardships and all the in-between and ups and downs. It is extremely inspiring, as a woman, to listen to other women take life by the reigns and shoot for the stars. This entire podcast is focused and centered around the idea that you can be anything you want to be; just look at all these fab lady bosses who have created their own fempires. PREACH GIRL.

Sophia does a segment at the beginning of the show where she talks about her “girlboss moment, and then basically does a shout out bit that she pulls from women tweeting in their #girlbossmoments. I personally love this part because it is truly a beautiful moment to spend listening to other women succeed. It may be “I made my bed today” or it could be something like “I was promoted.” I love this segment because it celebrates the big moments, the little moments, and all of the in between moments. I love that; women fueling women in a positive way. We honestly need more of it in the world.



Sword and Scale

I want to start off by saying listener discretion IS advised. This podcast is not for the faint of heart.

Sword & Scale is a true crime podcast that covers high-profile cases as they have been told, follows current trials that are going on, unsolved murders, missing person cases, and anything else twisted and demented. This podcast isn’t just a who did it podcast. It covers the most gruesome murders and acts that world has seen. Mike Boudet, the host of the podcast, does an amazing job at putting this podcast together. Boudet takes his time to put together each episode whether it is the ambient sounds/instrumentals, the real case recordings, or retellings; the podcast draws you in, in an instant. The content is dark, and sometimes uncomfortable and hard to listen to, but the way the entire show is put together is truly magnificent.

Each podcast is centered around a theme, and within that there is a specific case and/or multiple cases discussed within the episode. If the case is ongoing, he will touch base in a future episode; always keeping you updated on all of the recent trial notes.

(I promise this was the only morbid podcast on my list.)




One of my other favorite sort of talk show podcasts is Radiolab. This podcast is hosted by Jay Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, and the success of their podcast has been exceptional. As a five-star podcast, you can’t get much better than this high quality show. With over seven thousand reviews, Radiolab has become a successful form of storytelling and exploration.

This podcast is educational, entertaining, stimulating and completely captivating. Each episode focuses on something different wether it be about something so basic like bacon, or something more emotionally connecting like addictions, to american football, this podcast takes a subject, divides it up and provides a beautifully put together show.

There is a lot of science and research behind each episode and that is why this show has been so successful. As one of the top rated podcasts, this will not disappoint. I highly encourage you to download a few episodes and take in some truly amazing information. Trust me, they make everything interesting!




Serial is one of the most popular and talked about podcasts. Serial is a podcast created by the same people who created This American Life (another highly recommended podcast). Hosted by Sarah Koenig, she covers an entire story in one season. She breaks it down episode by episode to give you the facts of this story/case. Since it is such a highly rated podcast, once again, the quality of the podcast is amazing! Sarah is a journalist and an amazing story-teller. She definitely makes the podcast that much better.

There have been 2 seasons; one that discusses the Adnan Syed case, whom was convicted of killing his ex girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Sarah does an amazing job. She does not just relay information that everyone already knows, she goes deeper. The second season is about Bowe Bergdahl, the United States Army Soldier that was held captive by the Taliban, then released under the condition of the exchange of 5 Taliban detainees. Currently, Bowe faces desertion and other charges. This case gets extremely political and sticky; that’s why it is so interesting. It is something that is going on currently that we can also follow outside the podcast.

That is one great thing about Serial. The cases Sarah covers are both cases that you can research on your own, gather your own intel, and make your own conclusions. You can watch it unfold, and that is something that is interesting and exciting.




Limetown is a fun one because it is not a talk show or a current affairs/news podcast. It is a ‘theater’ style podcast. So, what does that mean? It is all acting, and fake (which was a shock to me). The reason why Limetown is such an effective and successful podcast is how they record it. It is, once again, another high quality podcast, that is put together in such a brilliant way that I had no idea it was a theater podcast, and that Limetown wasn’t a real thing. I actually sat down and googled the Limetown mystery because I was so captivated and intrigued; I needed and wanted to know more. But alas, I found out it was all acting. This, however, did not change my perspective of the podcast. Since it is so well scripted and recorded, it keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire episode.

The podcast follows reporter Lia Haddock as she attempts to report and find answers. Lime town was a small town in Tennessee, that suddenly disappeared. Three hundred men, women and children all gone in a second. I am not even going to give you a little hint about this podcast and what happens, because it is THAT good and you all must go listen, like now.

The unfortunate news is that it is rather short, and it has since gone on hiatus. I am actively waiting for the second season to be released!




Another non-talkshow type of podcast that I really enjoy is Lore. Hosted my Aaron Mahnke, this podcasts explores cultural folklore and tales that fuel our now-a-days superstition. Aaron does a great job of creating a visual experience with his beautifully put together episodes. This podcast is refreshing because he is able to retell very old fairy tales or folklore myths and legends, and wrap it around in a modern setting. It is educational if those myths and legends interest you, but you are always learning something new with him.

Each episode is focused on a different legend, some creepy and new, some we have all heard of before. I definitely recommend sitting down and listening to a few because I know you will be sucked in immediately with his enchanting voice.


That is it for my selected sixes, podcast version. I hope you sit down and download a few, if not all, of these podcasts. They are so amazing in their own ways. Let me know if you have listened to any of these podcasts, or if you decide to download them, and what your favorite episodes are!  Of course leave any comments below of your favorite podcasts so I can check them out!


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