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People always ask why did you pick writing, and why did you pick poetry? It is hard to explain why I ended up choosing this type of art form. There is something so special about words on a page and how they can change in an instant, that is just… special. With poetry, everyone sees it differently.

That’s why I think poetry is so beautiful. You see the inner workings of the people behind it, but you also take something away from it as well. It isn’t like art hanging from a wall, it is art that hangs from your soul.

The last few months I’ve been working with a publishing house. They reached out to me a few months ago wanting to know if I wanted to submit some of my work for their anthology. At the time I was like well heck, why not! Couldn’t hurt to try. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything to come out of it.

A month later I was getting an exciting email that I was actually one of the ones accepted for the anthology. Here we are in early August with a published poetry anthology, and one of my favorite poems I have ever written, in it.

I am beyond words excited and ecstatic about all of this. It was such a fun experience to go through, regardless of the published outcome.

The anthology is a collection from the selected poets for the Best Emerging Writers in California. The anthology can be found on Amazon and I have it linked here if you are interested in grabbing yourself a copy! Check it out, here!

Also, if you feel so inclined, any review that is posted as a verified purchase (meaning they actually purchased the book from Amazon) will boost that poets ratings and push themes towards being published in another anthology from the publishing house later on towards the beginning of next year. If you write a review on my poem, it will of course push me towards the running which would be super cool. There are a lot of amazing poets out there so this opportunity is huge!


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I wanted to give you a little back story on me if you aren’t already familiar. Poetry has been in my blood for a long time. The first poem I ever wrote was when I was trying to cope and deal with my parents divorce as a young kid. Writing words down in an expressive way helped me get through the hard and unexpected times. I continued writing through the rest of my life; it seemingly poured out during the rougher times of my life.

I found poetry healing. It was my thing of choice as I grew up and learned how to cope with the hard times. Of course, my poems were not always raw and emotionally brewing. My poetry grew with me and I was able to learn and express myself through different avenues of life. My poetry was expressive in the sense that it was a way of raising myself up and over the hard times and exploring how it was positively impacting me.

Recently, I have been writing a lot with what has gone on. The good, the bad and the beautiful. But there was a time where poetry wasn’t something I was focused on. And honestly, I am grateful for that time. I experienced new things and changed a lot as a person. But my writing did as well. Even though I wasn’t hand to paper, it was still an internal dialogue with myself.

I haven’t shared my poetry on such large platforms before, but I wanted to share some here as well.

The first one is called Cement Demons, which is a poem about the inner workings of someone who is attempting to find themselves. I sort of based this off of how I saw myself in the world in the past few years. I worked in corporate offices, at a desk, but my heart and body was fighting against it to keep my creativity open and alive. It is a poem about not giving in or giving up, even if you are lost, you are still on your path.


cement demons

attempt to find sanity,

grows in the

high rising cement


lost in the

jungle of limbs,

desires, and needs.


nothing remains solid

all things liquefied

by attempts

that are never

found again.


shadows race against

the dark corners

where lust and

love play.


did you lose

yourself amongst

the liquefied



broken bottles, and

dreams spilled, into

the darkness of

the gutter.


better off

lost at sea

where whole

is found again.


where one is

no longer haunted

by the cement

or the

demons that nip

at your feet.


do you sink

into the deep,

dark, abyss.

or do you


the waves

that are


to consume



This other poem was one I actual wrote on scrap paper (literally – it was paper used to make a fire to warm ourselves) while I was traveling up and down the West Coast. It is not titled anything, instead I just put a semi location to it, so I could remember.

I took a huge road trip, starting in Long Beach, California and drove all through the west to Seattle, Washington. I was moving one of my best friends back home after we both finished college. We took two weeks, Sal, Ariel, and myself, and explored every place we could. It was seriously one of the best trips I have ever taken in my life. This poem is inspired by one of our nights we couldn’t find a hotel to stay in so we slept at a camp ground (with NO SLEEPING BAGS – so good.) under the stars.


[untitled]: leaving Portland; or entering the coast


piles of memories and keepsakes,

growing to consume the,

bouncing red ball,


watching the yellow dashes,

race down the winding,

rolling road,


chasing the sun;

leaping for the moon.


catapulting into the sky,

sitting under the moon,

bathing in the milky way,


swirling the transparent smoke,

as it rises, watching it,

be eaten by the blackness,


drowning the sun;

holding the moon.


in the midst of it all,

it was the peace,

that we were chasing,


dipping our toes

and dancing under

the milky way,


breathing in the sun;

exhaling the moon.


I hope you enjoyed my little bits I have shared with you. I definitely plan on sharing more of my personal works sprinkled throughout this. Like I said when I changed my name to the r|s edit, I wanted this to be more of a journey, an experience. And my writing is part of that.



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