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The Bridal Edit series has been something I have been giddily mapping out in my pre-wedding brain. You know how mothers-to-be get baby brain? I guess it is only fair to say I have pre-wedding brain. I shared my proposal and how my wonderful, loving fiancé proposed to me, so lets take it back a few years (two years exactly on the dot – that’s how good he is) to when we first started dating and how we met.


These stories are always fun and there is nothing better than a modern day love story, #amiright.


Mauricio and I have been working together in the same office for 6 years. We weren’t really friends, and we didn’t work directly together, so it’s safe to same we were not in the same universe for a while.

It was only until my best friend (oh, not to mention MAID OF HONOR – love you Sasha) started working at the office and became his assistant, that we were even remotely aware of each other’s existence.

Slowly, we ended up getting closer, especially when I switched departments and ended up working more directly with him. He was pretty adorable to me; he would always walk me down if it got too late and made sure I got in my car, it started and I was well on my way home. We started talking and messaging each other more and more and even shared those adorably cute and annoying “I’m home safe!’ texts. Is it even real if you don’t? 



We spent a lot more time with each other talking about life, and future plans, hobbies, favorite things, the usual in between small talk and *real* talk conversations when you first start to get to know someone. From there, we went on a few mini and double dates, and it seriously took off from there.

I will never forget this one time when I came over to ask him something, and he just smiled and stopped and told me how beautiful my eyes were. I don’t think I ever blushed so hard in my entire life.



I do have a secret though. He asked me to out, officially, three times. I said no the first two times because I wanted to get to know him more and I didn’t want to rush into anything because I really did like him. I give him serious props for wanting to stick with me that many times.

On October 12th, he walked me down, like usual, but told me he wanted to give me something, and that it was in his car. So we walked over, and I opened the door and inside were red roses, a card and a bunch of petals all over the place. It was SO FRICKEN CUTE – I CRIED. It was so unexpected, and perfect. What more could I of asked for. Of course, the third times a charm, and I said yes.



We were both so happy, and day after day we fell more and more in love with each other. I’m not going to say we have had a perfect relationship, because we are all flawed, but we were so good with each other. He always wanted me to work at going back to school, and we cried together when I got accepted into Chapman. I always pushed him with his business and we celebrated all of our little and big victories together.

We are just getting started, but our beginning was pure perfection and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I am his Buttercup and he is my Wesley. (If you don’t get the joke its from Princess Bride, so go watch it….)



Can’t wait for our future <3


Love you, mi amor.


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