The South West | Part Two

Picking up where I left off. Sedona. Red Rocks. Good food & sunsets.

Did I mention pink jeeps?

On our third day in Sedona, we were ready to start a serious off-roading adventure. Our morning started early with a delicious breakfast at the Sedona Rouge. We fueled up with egg dishes, berries and coffee (coffee is such a necessity).

Fueled and ready to go, we headed over to the Pink Jeeps tour area. The area was a little more downtown near the more touristy area. You know, where you can buy those shirts that say ‘I <3 Sedona.’  We checked in, and within twenty minutes, we were ready to start our adventure. We were with two other pairs and our driver.

Now, when I say off-roading in a hot pink jeep, I don’t mean a leisurely stroll down a semi-paved street. I literally mean crawling up and around rocks, close to edges, steep (like oh sh*t steep) hills. So, I am exaggerating a little bit, but off-roading means OFF-ROADING.

This tour was amazing because we were up on rocks taking in beautifully breathtaking views of Sedona. You couldn’t get to these sites unless you took the Broken Arrow trail. The juxtaposition between the complete and utter adrenaline rush paired with the beautiful serene landscape was such a thrill. Coming from suburbia, places like these really make you smile.

Being an adrenaline junkie myself, these steep rock crawls were so much fun. You couldn’t help but laugh the entire way while you were bobbing and weaving branches and people’s arms. Thrilling yelps and laughs the entire ride.

We got to drive up to Submarine rock (which, yes, looks like a submarine). We were up close and personal with some amazing rock fixtures near the church in the rocks. Seeing these rocks and canyons were amazing. The rocks are so unbelievably beautiful! I keep saying this generic and basic ‘it was beautiful’ phrase, but damn guys… it WAS BEAUTIFUL.

I cannot do the jeep tour justice by just explaining the ride, so you are going to have to wait for the video diary at the end of this series. I promise you, it will be worth the wait! (It will encompass the entire trip, drone shots and all).

After our trip, which was about two hours, we decided to keep the adventure going. We wanted to go on some hikes and check out the local trails. We decided Cathedral Rock was a must see since everyone mentioned it, and a perfect area for drone flying. We packed up our bags, and headed out.

You can see Cathedral Rock in most of the horizon pictures in Sedona. It is the solitary area where rocks are jutting out from the land in pillars and it really does look like a cathedral. It is a really cool site to see. If you are wanting a pretty nice hike with trails that are flat and easy, or climbing trails that are a little more strenuous, Cathedral Rock is perfect. There are so many different areas to explore that it has a trail for everyone.

We decided to hike up towards the top and walk around the sides of it. In all angles, Cathedral Rock was a towering beauty.

Not only is Cathedral Rock beautiful, but the landscape all around it was just perfect.

There were a handful of people out there, but it wasn’t so busy to where it was uncomfortable to hike. You can take your time and stroll around, or even bike!

After we spent a couple of hours walking around Cathedral Rock and taking in the sights, we decided to head towards this place called Sliding Rock.

It is completely different because it is shady and it is along a little river. The river and water have been flowing over the rocks that it actually created a slide into little pools of water. It was really cute and fun to watch people slide around the slippery rocks and down into the pools of water.

We decided to continue hiking up-stream and bouldered around a little bit. The water was super cool and refreshing.

We found a little spot and stopped and relaxed for a while. After we bouldered around, and put our toes in the water, we decided to head back out on the road.

We packed up and drove around Sedona for a little bit. We ended up eating at a (not so amazing) Thai food place and called it a night.

We were both so shocked how tired we were each day. With so many adventures to tackle each day, by 8 we were both pooped. It was our last night in Sedona before we headed towards the Utah/Arizona border. We were sad that we had to leave our little bohemian sanctuary, but super excited for what the next day had in store. We were off to explore some bends and canyons!

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