wedding planning | pt.1

I haven’t done an actual wedding update yet!

Luckily, I was able to share our proposal story, and our how we met story, but I haven’t actually talked about planning (THE BEST PART – besides the whole getting married to your best friend part)  and how I am staying on top of timelines, and all the wonderful things that come with wedding planning!  I am so excited about this!!

First of all, the process of planning a wedding has been a lot of emotional days, Say Yes to the Dress episodes, laughing fits, “hey babe, what do you think about this” conversations, huge smiles, saying yes to vendors, and 1000 emotions all at once, plus a few more. Mauricio and I, we are definitely not following an extremely traditional route because we aren’t a super traditional couple; we want this day to represent us, and our relationship more than anything.

I think we have done a pretty good job at jump starting our wedding planning and we were lucky enough to get things set up and confirmed pretty quickly. I wanted to push the wedding planning more in the beginning because I will be doing my thesis and finishing up grad school during the wedding.

In regards to my actual planning, it has been really fun, and surprisingly not as stressful as I imagined. Mauricio and I wanted this to be a fun part of the wedding process, and not so high strung and stressful. Mauricio is really playing a proactive role in wedding planning which has been sooooo lovely. I know sometimes the brides and her bridal party are the ones that heavily do the planning, sometimes leaving the groom out completely, but I wanted Mauricio to be part of this since it is such a special day for us.

And on to the good stuff that I know SO many of you have been begging me to tell you. Of course, most of my wedding planning is pretty confidential and I am not spilling a lot of details, but I will share some exciting tidbits with y’all!

We chose our bridal party.

Bridal parties are hard to pick a size for, but we decided to go small. We both have a Maid of Honor/Best man and then three additional bridesmaids/groomsmen. We both created special packages to ask our bridal party if they would be part of our big, and that was one of my favorite parts so far Shopping for little things to personalize and customize their boxes was so fun.

My bridal party has been such a dream; they have helped me sooooo much already and it is only the beginning. My Maid of Honor, my best friend Sasha, has been an actual angel. She has helped me get ideas, brainstorm color schemes (which we finally have), helped decide on fonts (you would think it wasn’t such a big deal BUT IT IS), helped with wedding dress ideas, and put together questions for vendors. Ugh the list could go on though. And my lovely beautiful bridesmaids have helped me stay sane, helped with ideas and it has been such a weight off my shoulders to have them during this process.


We booked our venue and set our date.

This was huge. It is such a big part of the wedding day that I was literally itching to go out and look at places. We went to a few venues, but ultimately went with our first venue we toured with. It is a literal dream, you guys. I am not saying what our venue is (yet!) but it is the perfect place for us. Every inch of the place is absolutely stunning, modern and romantic. Plus, how can you not want succulents scattered everywhere and the perfect succulent walls? So hip – so me. I know Patti is looking dawn and smiling about my choice of venue; my succulent obsession I can thank her for.

We have a meeting this week with our wedding coordinators so we can start locking somethings down with the venue and really start to see something special come into focus. So excited!


We booked our photographer and we are traveling (eeeep!) to take our engagement photos.

We met with some photographers, but I feel so blessed because the first photographer we talked to, we chose. He is SO amazing and so down to earth and he just fits our vibe and aesthetic so well. We are so excited to have him shoot our engagement photos and the wedding.

Our engagement session will actually be out of town and I am so excited to be going. This place has held such a special place in my heart since I was young. I used to go there all the time with my family and family friends. It perfectly fits the aesthetic of our wedding venue as well – so it was a no brainer. I cannot WAIT to share the photos with you all! But, that of course, will come with time.


We chose our color scheme and wedding ‘aesthetic.’

We decided to go with a really beautiful color scheme, and went with a theme that fits across our whole wedding (like photos, venue, stationary, etc.). We definitely like to think of it as like a mesh up of modern, natural and edgy sort of mixed into one.


We custom created our save the dates and wedding website.

Lucky me that I have such a creative fiancé. And I am not just saying that because he is mine. We created our save the dates from scratch, had them printed, and we just got them. Let me tell y’all… these are actually stunning. I could not have been happier with them. They perfectly embody us – super simple, modern and PERFECT.

Mauricio is also working hard on our very own website. A lot of wedding sites have a feature that you can create a wedding website based off of their site and templates. We were originally going to do that, but it wasn’t going to be totally us. So, Mauricio and I decided to create a website that will perfectly fit us, our theme for the wedding and our overall aesthetic. I am just so over the moon with all of this and it just keeps getting more exciting the more we plan and the closer we get.


So, those are the few things we have been working hard on the last few months. Not even close to being done, but so far, so good! We are so over the moon you guys!


I can’t wait to share more with you as more things unveil (get it… ;)).



But for now, lots of love xxo


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