Wedding Planning | Pt. 3

Wowza has time just flown by this year! We are officially on countdown mode for the wedding. As always, I have tons of exciting things to share with y’all. We hit some big milestones the last month and a half! Cheers to love!  <3

We picked out our wedding rings

Okay, this was weirdly emotional but I kept it in for the sake of the lady at the counter. I felt so lucky to be able to go pick out our rings together, and find them in one go! His ring is so perfect. It was so much fun having him finally be a little pampered and choose his ring. I also picked out my wedding ring and it matched so perfectly (and actually fit me!), I swear it was meant to be. 

We picked & booked our honeymoon destination!

Something that was really important to us was making sure we booked a honeymoon right after the wedding, and to a place that meant something to us. We ended up booking such a marvelous and wonderful honeymoon in such a magical place. I remember my step mom used to talk about how wonderful this place was and it immediately went on my bucket list. So, to be able to celebrate our love there means that much more. I am not sharing much about that *yet* but know that the pictures and details will come and it will be a FULL post, maybe even two!

We customized and sent out our wedding invitations

This was such a special time for us. We spent endless hours picking and choosing design ideas. Savings yes and maybe choices, going back through our no lists to make sure that they are perfect for us. We finally got there and I am totally obsessed with how they turned out. They are true to us and our wedding theme and they are so perfect. We recently sent them out and the feedback gives me happy butterflies every time someone talks about them. We also created our own Thank You cards which are just as perfect. My fiancĂ© is so creative and they are stunning. 

I booked my Bachelorette party!

I am so excited to be going to a city that I have never been to, and to experience it with my most cherished people. We are heading to New Orleans to celebrate my final days before being a married lady! We are doing it super traditional and going right before the wedding and I can’t wait to experience such a historically magical place. I just love all the history there and I honestly already told my Maid of Honor, Sasha, to book nerdy tours because I am all about that. 

My mom and bridesmaids threw an amazing Bridal Shower

Wow. It is going to bring tears to my eyes thinking about the Bridal Shower that my family and bridal party threw me. It was so beautiful and special and wonderful. It was brunch themed, and I was surrounded by my family and friends. It was such a perfect November day. My mom worked her magic and put together the cutest backyard brunch with the yummiest treats and the most delicious mimosa combinations. 

I had my first wedding dress fitting

This was huge. I had a little wedding dress drama, but it was all sorted out so it was my first time actually putting this dress on and it fit perfectly. I was so grateful for that. I have a few more try-ons and fittings in the next few weeks to get that dress perfect, and I cannot wait. 

Continued to define the little details

My fiancé and I are still fine tuning things. I feel like we have been blessed with a really great relationship and we do an equal amount of wedding planning. With being in grad school, I was more grateful for that than he could ever know. This fine tuning stage is exciting and fun, but makes things that more real. SO EXCITED.

We are in the homestretch y’all. I seriously couldn’t be more excited to be married. Wedding planning can be a stress, and with working and grad school in the mix, it can be hard to set time away to sit down and plan properly. But for me, the most important thing is the moment and the people there celebrating with us. I know things will go wrong, nothing is perfect. But our love is, and that is all that matters. 

Cheers to us, babe <3

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