wedding planning | pt.1

I haven’t done an actual wedding update yet!

Luckily, I was able to share our proposal story, and our how we met story, but I haven’t actually talked about planning (THE BEST PART – besides the whole getting married to your best friend part)  and how I am staying on top of timelines, and all the wonderful things that come with wedding planning!  I am so excited about this!!

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The Bridal Edit | Our How We Met Story

The Bridal Edit series has been something I have been giddily mapping out in my pre-wedding brain. You know how mothers-to-be get baby brain? I guess it is only fair to say I have pre-wedding brain. I shared my proposal and how my wonderful, loving fiancé proposed to me, so lets take it back a few years (two years exactly on the dot – that’s how good he is) to when we first started dating and how we met.


These stories are always fun and there is nothing better than a modern day love story, #amiright.

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The Bridal Edit | Our Proposal Story

engagement ring engaged wedding disneyland

It is still super weird to say ‘I am engaged” out loud. I cannot get used to it, in the best way possible. I am beyond and OVER the moon excited about my new journey with my boyfriend fiancé <3 (also cannot get over saying that). We are seriously two peas, and the two of us couldn’t be more elated.

With this new journey and new chapter of our life, I am excited to say that I am officially kicking off a new series called, The Bridal Edit. I am going to share all of my wedding excitement and emotions under this page and series. Documenting special moments has always been important to me (hence the site!) and I thought sharing some of my stories here would be fun! Some posts are going to be more wedding related stories, some posts will be more daily blogish types and some may be sort of an emotional tidal wave. I am most likely going to ramble a lot in this series because it is going to me thoughts and experience and emotions all going in to this. Planning a wedding seems scary on its own so throw in two jobs, a dual masters degree program, a book club and a semi-normal social life (???? like how). BUT… I am very excited about all of it and I am excited to share it here!

I want to start the series with the most precious moment of my life, the night (or morning) he proposed to me like a real life *princess*.

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