Self Care – It’s a mood.

I think it is so important to just slow the heck down sometimes. As humans, I don’t think we practice that mindset of being in the moment as much as we should. I know there are a lot of posts and pictures glorifying what self care looks like, but what does it really look like? What does it really mean? Can you feel it, taste it, see it, embody it? I don’t know the answer, but I’m here to explore it.

Since I have been very go-go-go the last few months of my life, and my last few posts were basically life updates on school, wedding, and travel, I wanted to take this time to slow way, way, way down. Like getting back to basics. Life is busy for all of us, and I think taking some time out of our day to practice self care in different ways alters your mindset in such a positive way.

One of my favorite YouTubers and content creators, Carrie Rad, started this summer series all about self care. It got me thinking what self care meant to me, and how I, or even if I, practice it. And if I am practicing it, am I practicing it enough. Self care goes so much deeper than bath bombs, candles, and your favorite book. Don’t get me wrong, ya girl loves that probably more than anyone, and that is definitely part of it. But, recently, breaking it down deeper is where I find myself sort of manifesting in.

For me it means that I am looking at myself, and I mean really looking at myself from all sides. I don’t know how long this little mini series on self care is going to last. I would like to say for a while because there are so many avenues to explore with self care in the mental, physical, and emotional realm and I am in it to explore it, and get deep and open up.

With this little (or big!) exploration, I am hoping to explore the different ways self care can be practiced, taught and shared. There is always more love that you can give to yourself, so we are going to find that inner shine. I hope y’all are as excited as I am to explore what we have to offer ourselves in this mini-big series all about self love and self care.

I mean, like I said, isssssaaaa mood. 


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